Contractor Support

Let us help you with those tough problems. If you are a general contractor, a roofer, a flooring specialist, a plumber or electrician, you may run into problems on a job, and often these require a specialist like us.

  • We helped a roofer remove remains of birds and animals from homes, cleaning up and sanitizing the area so work can continue.
  • We removed old linoleum and smoothed the cement slab to prepare it for a flooring company. They may not have landed the job had we not agreed to take on the job.
  • Mold can be found often in homes, but when the plumber has been called to eliminate problems caused by a long-term leak, there’s often more mold than the plumber expected. That’s when we are called in on the job.

green_lineWe are:

  • Licensed and insured.
  • Independently owned and operated.
  • Proud to complete our work to your customer’s satisfaction.


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